Registering a Death

In the UK, registering a death must normally be done within 5 days in the district in which it has occurred. If a Coroner is involved, it may not be possible to register the death within 5 days.

Who can register?

  1. A close relative of deceased
  2. A relative in attendance during last illness
  3. A relative living in the district where death occurred
  4. A person present at death
  5. The person arranging the funeral (i.e. Next of kin or relative - not funeral director)

Documents required when registering a death

  1. Notification Of Death Certificate (from Doctor or hospital/hospice)
  2. Medical Card if available, or
  3. Birth Certificate & information regarding date of birth

Information required by Registrar

  1. Date and place of death
  2. Full name of deceased (maiden name if applicable)
  3. Date and place of birth
  4. Occupation and home address
  5. If married, full name and occupation of spouse.


  1. Disposal Certificate (Green form) to be handed to the funeral director
  2. Social Security Certificate (White form) to be handed in at the D.S.S. Offices with any pension books
  3. Copies of Entry of Death (Death certificate) for bank, insurance, solicitors.

Registrars Contact Details

Wisbech & Cambridgeshire 03450 451363
Peterborough 01733 864646
Lincolnshire 01522 782244
Kings Lynn & Norfolk 0344 800 8020

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