Coronavirus (COVID – 19) guidance and information

As you are aware, at the moment we are currently facing the threat of a Coronavirus (COVID – 19) epidemic. As a responsible business we are thinking of the possible impact this may have on funerals already organised and those yet to be planned in the coming weeks and even months.

If you are feeling unwell and feel you may pose a risk by attending a funeral, I would advise you to follow the NHS guidelines.

We would like to provide reassurances that our commitment to caring for the bereaved and their loved ones will remain throughout this period of uncertainty and disruption.

In an effort to protect everyone involved in arranging a funeral, we are considering taking necessary steps to reduce the risk of possible infection in line with the Public Health England and National Association of Funeral Directors guidelines. Also, working with third party Professionals such as the local Crematoria and Cemeteries, to ensure we comply with their procedures.

Below is a list of actions that may be necessary for us to take as the Coronavirus (COVID – 19) escalates and becomes a further risk.

  • Funeral arrangements to be made over the telephone or by Video call or Skype with a planned controlled visit of a person to our office for signing of Statutory Forms and Estimates, unfortunately at this current time all home arrangements will not be possible, unless there are extreme circumstances.
  • Limit the amount of time spent in the Chapel of Rest and limit visitor numbers.
  • Places of Worship may reduce the amount of mourners or not allow services to take place, if this is the case then we are happy to help you to arrange a Memorial service at a Church or other venues at a later date.
  • Use of Limousines may be restricted for use on a funeral, this could result in the family making their own way to the service venue or limit the amount of people that travel in the Limousine, allowing up to 3 people to travel together.
  • The Funeral Director and staff on the day would not remain in the Chapel or other venue during the service, but will remain close by ready to assist you when required.
  • In the case of a Coronavirus death, we may have to arrange a prompt funeral to prevent unnecessary storage and handling of the deceased.
  • It may not be possible to offer an Embalming service
  • Our third party Professionals that we work with, ie: Crematoria/Cemeteries will impose rules and restrictions that we will have to adapt our standard working practices to follow these.

This is the best and most up to date information that we have been given, please feel free to contact us directly on 01945 700200 if you have any further questions or concerns. As always, our services are still available 24 hours a day, 7 days of the week should you require them.

Thank you for your patience and understanding at this difficult time.