Arranging a Funeral

During our meeting, we will guide you step by step through the process of arranging a funeral for your loved one.
Below is a list of some of the questions we may well ask and discuss with you.

What type of arrangement would you like? Cremation or burial? Traditional or Greenside?

Where would you like the service to be held?

Would you like your service to be conducted by a religious minister, a civil or a humanist?

If the service is to be a burial, which churchyard or cemetery?

What type or style of coffin would you like? Could depend upon the type of arrangement.

Would you like your loved one to wear their own clothing or for us to provide a coloured gown?

What sort of music and/or hymns would you like?

Would you like service cards printed?

Do you require any limousines? (Each limousine seats seven passengers).

On the day of the service where would you like us to meet you? At the deceased’s home, the family home, at the service or from our Chapel of Rest?

Will you be having family flowers and asking for donations in lieu to a chosen charity, have flowers and donations to give people an option or just to have flowers?

Would you like a death notice to be placed in either a local or national newspaper? We can give assistance in compiling the wording and book your notice with the paper for publication.

At the end of our meeting we will then present you with an estimate of our costs and disbursements. If you are happy then we will progress accordingly.

As things progress we will ……

Liaise and confirm your wishes with the Clergy, Crematorium or Cemetery.

If applicable, arrange for the completion of the Medical Certificates for the Cremation.

Complete and forward all legal documentation to the appropriate authorities.

If applicable, liaise with the H.M. Coroner and the Coroners Officer on your behalf.

Arrange for the removal of memorial at your chosen cemetery.

Purchase and co-ordinate the preparation of the grave plot.

Following the funeral we ….…

Record, store safely and then later forward any charitable donations received.

Care for the cremated remains until interment.

Arrange the service where the cremated remains are interned and laid to rest.

Give advice on all your memorial requirements.

Retain a detailed record of the funeral arrangement should future reference be required by the family.

We provide a 24 Hour Service. You may call us anytime:

Tel. 01945 700200

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